Washington Township
Wyoming County, PA
Contact information

Township Officials

Township Supervisors
           Dan Huff                                                   570-836-5571
           Bill Ball III                                                 570-836-3712
           Wayne Allen                                             570-836-2059
Zoning Officer      Carl Grabner                                570-836-4868
Assist Zoning Officer  Billy Ball                                   570-665-1238
Sewage Enforcement Officer   Osbert Patton            570-378-2907
Tax Collector    Majorie Winkler                                570-836-2502

Emergency Management Coordinator            Holly Greene

Statewide Uniform Construction Code Bureau Vertias    570-836-7196

Emergency Services for Washington Township

           Fire                  Meshoppen Fire Company
           Ambulance   F.W.M. Ambulance Company
           Police      Meshoppen Borough Police Dept. (effective 01/01/2013)
All emergency services can be reached by call 9 1 1 for an emergency
The non emergency number is (570)836-6161.
Wyoming County EMA  can be reached at (570)836-2828
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