Washington Township Recycling

We have a dumpster for recycling staged at the township building. It has 3 sections. 

Those items that are acceptable are: Plastic bottles & jars (with the number 1 or 2 on the bottom), Glass (clear and brown beverage and food containers), Tin cans, Aluminum cans and pie pans, corrugated cardboard (marked USA & Canadian), newspapers and brown paper bags, magazines, and office paper (please keep these in separate bags). 


NON- ACCEPTABLE items: Plastic - toys, tubs, trays, buckets, lids or caps, Glass -no green glass, dishes, light bulbs, cups or window panes. Tin- no dirty or rusty or aerosol cans. Aluminum- NO Aluminum foil. Paper- No junk mail or wet newspaper, no carbon paper or envelopes.

If you have a large volume of recycling we ask that you take it to the Wyoming County Recycling Center and not fill up the innovator. The innovator is located at the township’s property and is available to you 24/7. However, it is very important that you only put allowable items in the innovator. We have had contamination of household trash and such. This could cause the program to be discontinued. Innovator is under video survallance.  

We take the innovator to be dumped in Tunkhannock at the Wyoming County Recycling Center when it is full and this takes about 2 hours and causes the innovator to be gone temporarily.