Emergency Services



Police protection is now provided by the Meshoppen Borough Police Dept. We entered into an agreement with the Borough to provide the township with police coverage.
Fire Protection is provided by the Meshoppen Fire Company. They have received a new Fire Truck that has many extras. They continue to train and educate the volunteers. Meshoppen Fire Company is based on volunteers. Many of them dedicate hours upon hours of their time.
Ambulance coverage is provided by the Meshoppen Ambulance Company.
The Meshoppen Ambulance and Washington Township have a contract. Under this contract, services for our residents are provided. If you have a need for the ambulance, you can contact the Wyoming County Communication Center, if it is an emergency call 911 and request the Meshoppen ambulance. If it is a non-emergency (such as a transfer) call 836-6161 and request the Meshoppen ambulance. It is important to note that you are covered under the contract, if you live in the twp. and have an ambulance need in the twp., but you must request Meshoppen. This contract will cover your personal fees should any incur. You may get a bill; they process the bills and may accidentally miss the trip sheet. Please contact the office if you use this service and are billed.

Should you require any of the above emergency services, you should call the Wyoming County Communication Center 9 1 1. Ask for the above service. The township has a contract with each of them and you, as a resident of Washington Township will be provided with coverage.

Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency has a program that can notify you in the event of an emergency, road closure, extreme weather conditions, etc. It is called Swift911.

This system has the capability to automatically send out weather alerts by the National Weather Service and the Township will be able to send out alerts to you, in the event that something around you is happening. (Road Closed, Bridge Out, Flooding, Shelter in Place, etc.) You can sign up and decide how you would like your notifications. Email, text or phone call. And to what extend you would like to be notified of. The township can set up areas that need to have the information. So, if it is only going to affect a section of the township, they will be the only ones notified.

With all the recent Natural & Man-made disasters that have be occurring this system is very important and an awesome way to reach a lot of people at the same time, saving critical time when it is needed most.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One thing to keep in mind whether you choose to sign up on Swift 911 or not. You always want to have alternate ways to receive notifications and watch the conditions around you to insure your families SAFETY.


As you go through the system to register. You will have an option to send you a test alert once a month. We highly recommend this option but it is not required. This is to test the system so you can be assured the system is working and it will get you use to receiving alerts and know what to look for. If you don’t have access to a computer and/or having difficulty, contact the township office and we will be able to set it up with you.